Who am I?

My name is Ana Larraga and I am professional translator and interpreter.

What studies do I have?

I have a College Degree in Translation and Interpreting with the specialization in Interpreting at Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio and a Master’s degree in Conference Interpreting at Centro Universitario Cluny-ISEIT.

I also have several degrees which certify the knowledge level of the languages I work with, such as: Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English Exam, CELPE-BRAS Avançado and DALF C-1 of Alliance Française.

What experience do I have?

I have been working as a translator and interpreter for more than five years. I spent two years of my professional career working as an in-house translator and interpreter and now I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter for more than three years for several Spanish and foreign agencies as well as for other direct clients, which are detailed in the section
“My clients”.

What rates do I offer?

Each project is different, therefore I cannot offer the same rate for different types of jobs. However, if you
contact me and provide me with all the details of the translation or interpreting job I can give you a closed estimate in a short period of time.   

Why should you choose my services?

My studies, my knowledge and my experience make me an authentic professional and they are a good guarantee which proves I offer
quality translation and interpreting services. Although, is the passion for my job what makes me different form the rest because I enjoy translating and interpreting and that is why I always do my very best in each project. Accordingly, my clients endorse the efficient working practices and professionalism of my work in all the projects I have completed for them.